Our worship time is 10:15 proceeded by adult Sunday school @ 9:15am. 

What is our sunday service style?

Our service is a blend of contemporary and traditional elements. We begin with announcements and then get down to worshiping God, through a mix of contemporary and traditional music. Also we do traditional responsive reading and corporate prayer. We believe it is very important for focusing our attention on God. We have relivant messages from scripture that we believe will impact your life. During the service the children go to childrens church, but they are welcome to stay in the service, but we believe our childrens service will speak to them on their level. We are a group of people joining together to worship and fellowship with one another on this journey called life.

What do I wear?

Here at Seminary we are not concerned about appearances. You will see people dressed in business casual as well as people in jeans and shorts. We are more concerned about who you are than what you wear, so please dress comfortably and come prepared to worship and connect!